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Thread: Column of pixels worked and suddenly half wrong

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    Default Column of pixels worked and suddenly half wrong

    180 pixels, 3 columns of 60, one contious line. Was working perfectly for weeks, uniform color. Suddenly, I power it up, and the first 30 are correct color, then one pixel is just blue, doesn't change, but every other pixel after this is a shade of blue. It's a color wipe effect so it's going between colors, the rest of the pixels are either blue or some shade of purple like it's changing colors for the effects, except a handful go blue when the effects are blue then switch to white until the next blue cycle. I've tried reseting everything, strong power throughout, so I cut out and replaced the blue stuck pixel..... And the new pixel is also stuck blue??? Wth?

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    Default Re: Column of pixels worked and suddenly half wrong

    The output on the pixel prior is bad, and also should also be removed (it's sending out bad data).

    When replacing pixels, it's generally the rule-of-thumb to replace both the first bad, and last good pixel (as the last good pixel may be sending bad data).
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