Hello all! I am very new to all this and am working on setting up my first display (piece by piece). I want to start small and simple so I am going to set up some small candy canes. My first question is all that I need this is the list I have so far and have ordered:
1 F4V3 controller
3 12v bullet leds
3 boscoyo candy canes

I know I need a power supply and that's something else I need help with (I know I need 12 volts but what wattage?) But is there anything else I need for this first set up?

Also as for cords I am not sure what to look for for the outputs on the controller board like what the name is for the port with 4 inputs so that I can make a pigtail adapter for the lights?

Any help is appreciated! Hopefully will have all the parts soon and can start a new addiction!

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