I thought I'd put my latest stupid mistake out there in case it helps anyone else troubleshoot.

I had a controller that had 5V pixels for half of the controller and 12V pixels for the other half. I changed out the 5V lights for 12V lights, so I replaced the 5V 300W power supply with a 12V 360W power supply. So now I had two 12V power supplies in the enclosure.

While testing the converted outputs, I notice they aren't working. Hmm, did I damage my controller? Verified I didn't need to change any jumpers or configuration of the controller. Then I notice that the new power supply isn't working. Check of input 120VAC is at the terminals, no 12V output.

Finally I remember, did I slide the switch on the power supply from 220VAC to 120VAC. Nope, I slide the switch and everything works.

I had ordered another 12V power supply earlier since I like to have a spare and thought I'd need to wait for that to arrive, but all is good.

So many times it's the simple things.

I'm sure I could come up with other displays of stupidity, but this is my most recent one that consumed way more time than it should have.