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Thread: Ray Wu Lights popping fuses? F16v3

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    Default Ray Wu Lights popping fuses? F16v3

    I'm finishing up my lights, late start this year, and my ray Wu icicle lights keep popping fuses. I've ran them for two years with no issues, nothing has changed in my display and everything else works fine. I'm able to get 2 of the 4 strands to test individually but still pop the fuse when connected together. The other two immediately pop the fuse. Went through about 12 fuses tonight. Normal setup is 2 stands on 2 outputs on my F16v3 controller.

    Is there any way to see why these are shorting out without hacking them up? I don't see any visual damage anywhere. They are under my covered porch and have never seen moisture.

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    Default Re: Ray Wu Lights popping fuses? F16v3

    Any chance it's the controller? Have you tried one of the ports with working stands?


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