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Thread: Mounting Coro on slanted porch roof?

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    Default Mounting Coro on slanted porch roof?

    Hi everyone,

    I want to mount a couple of chroma flakes on my porch roof. Itís about a 25į slant.

    Whatís a quick easy way to accomplish this? I was thinking of making some sort of a base for each one out of PVC and then weighting it down with sandbags.

    What have you done?


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    Default Re: Mounting Coro on slanted porch roof?

    Created a frame from PVC. Ran a nylon cord from the prop over the top of the roof down the back side of the house to a cinder block. 70MPH winds did not pull them down. Had to tighten up the cords twice over the season due to stretching.

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