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    Has anyone noticed a change in the Spiral and Chase effect? I was running a test on my lights and noticed some props acting funny. I checked one song and the Spiral and Chase effect didn't look right in the timeline. The chase effectcwas more noticable because the lines were verticle instead of a normal looking effect. So, I deleted them and pulled re-apply both effects. But then I noticed it happened to all 8 songs. What a pain. Was something changed in Vixen? I can understand maybe a few bad effects but those I applied at this time last year all had to be re-applied.

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    The last change to the spiral was about a year ago to add motion and speed curves, but there should not have been any functional differences with exiting effects. At least I have not seen any difference in sequences I use it in. The chase had a new option to add more options to how it can target elements, but it should not have affected anything existing. I have not seen any differences in any of my sequences and I use a fair amount of them so I am not sure what would be causing your issues. None of the changes where intended to be breaking for sure.


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