these seem to be a pretty good price/case/wired up and one for $13 on amazon

it might be something cool to hookup

i was curious on the insides but i didnt know if i can reflash it at all to pixelStick FW

i see in the github they work on a ESP8266 so im not sure if this one would work

but it shows ESP8285MOD

saw on google

Differences between ESP8285 and ESP8266
ESP8285 integrates 1MB Flash in DOUT mode. While ESP8266 requires external Flash. ESP8285 has two additional GPIO pins(GPIO9 and GPIO10). To compile and download ESP8285 firmware, you need to set SPI MODE to DOUT mode, otherwise it can not work even after successfully download.

or do you guys know any other units to probally have a small form/case wire already there

i kind of wish i had a 3d printer for a case design.

i saw this NodeMCU have this (i wonder maybe its easy if i do power/in) out on a what power breakout board in and out to lights

and saw this but dont know how i can flash it to esPixelStick FW