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Thread: Which type of Wire to use

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    Default Which type of Wire to use

    This will hopefully be my last question that has to do with material. Which type of wire do you guys recommend for cutting/splicing, power injection, & longer runs to supply power. I was looking at some 3 wire on Amazon but it looks like some of the wire is not very good and some is rated inwall. What do you guys recommend using? I am using DIYLEDEXPRESS PixelBulbs to outline my house (My first year) they say they use 18 AWG wire. I figure I would just use 18AWG to keep the same thickness. Looking for good options. Also if it makes a difference I am using ESPixelSticks for my data.

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Which type of Wire to use

    First thing. Make sure whatever you use is 100% copper wire. You will see a lot of CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) wire out on the market. It is not as efficient at moving power as pure copper.

    I use Monoprice speaker wire for my power and data runs. I keep a supply of 2 conductor 18AWG and 4 conductor 16 AWG on hand. I will use the 4 wire to run power and data(3 wire), and also use it to do two Power Injection runs.
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    Default Re: Which type of Wire to use


    What he said. This year I bought spools of the LED power wire, in 3-conductor (18ga) and 2-conductor (16ga). They are both 100% copper and can easily be found on Amazon.


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