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    An attenuator cuts the power output. For 3db attenuation, it cuts the power in half, so my output is 50 mw. This gives me plenty of power to go 200 ft on either side of my house. I put it right in front of the input to my antenna. You can read here.

    If you are using the output from your computer, you are probably OK. For those using a Pi and FPP, the USB sound card is the way to go. Some use the Sound Blaster 3 USB card to your transmitter. Many of us spend a lot on our displays, and don't want the sound quality to reduce the quality of the whole show.

    The VAST FMT-212R is another viable solution. None of these are bad. I have a PLL transmitter like this one and I had lots of noise and bleed over onto other stations. Not really what you want. To have good sound, you will need to invest in a good transmitter, but to have great sound, you will have to invest a little more.
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