I'm in the process of wiring up my flat Mega tree.
It will run 12 strings of WS2812b strings 2.5m length 75 nodes per string. So 6 150 strips in total. 900 nodes.

As I'm using Xlights, I was going to wire it up as per the wiring diagram. So before I get into this I had some questions.

Is the following best practice?

Each string will run from the bottom up as per xlights. So node 1 at the bottom node 75 at the top.
I'll power inject at the bottom.
Maybe the top too if needed.
Now as for the data. I want to run one output from my Node D1 Mini into node 1 string one then out of node 75, back down the tree and into node one string two and so on.

Will this work?
or Should I use two pins at 450 nodes each?