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Thread: Looking for help with an FPP/PiCap Configuration

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    Default Looking for help with an FPP/PiCap Configuration

    I'm trying to set up a standalone FPP with PiCap to 1) drive three minitrees with a total of 432 pixels, and, 2) drive two LOR 16 channel controllers to run AC lights. I can't seem to find a good reference for dealing with pixels and LOR on the same PiCap.

    New to Xlights and Falcon hardware so I thought I would check here before I chase down a rabbit hole. The configs I'm suggesting are below. Can someone tell me if these seem correct? Or can you point me to a reference I can use?

    Currently running FPP 3.4.2 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, using Xlights for sequencing.
    My proposed Configuration on PiCap is attached. One question I have is whether the LOR configuration starting channel has to be the first channel after the end of the pixel channels (1297) or if the LOR starting channel needs to be "1".

    Thanks, in advance, for the help.
    Ron from Valley Forge
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    Default Re: Looking for help with an FPP/PiCap Configuration

    your loor config is poointing at the default intrnal data dump. you need to plug in yout loor serial adapter and select it in your config

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