Not sure if this is more of a feature request, or even if there is a way to do this already. Often, I will stumble on a really nice final result for an effect that was a combination of specific effect settings, but sometimes also a combination of more than 1 effect. Sure, I can copy/paste the effect and it's multiple parts (in some cases) to other sequences or in the timeline. But I wondered if it's possible to save at the least an effect as a preset with the settings I've changed vs having to go track down that particular use somewhere else I've used it (in songs that often have repeating sections). I have to track it down, copy/paste, then maybe I copy something else to the clipboard, and I want to use the effect again. The ability to have a preset or a non default version of the effect accessible would streamline some of the sequencing, much like being able to access custom gradients. Or maybe a workaround like a clipboard history that allows you re-select something you copied in the last ____ items of the clipboard? Very possible there is design and technical limitations that make any of this unfeasible, but worth asking. I can see perhaps why saving effects as a preset that involve combining multiple different effects together, or integrates layers could be an issue if the exact parameters aren't present, could crash Vixen?