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Thread: GE G35 Light Show

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    Post GE G35 Light Show

    I have 3 strands of 50 lights each. The 3rd strand now is only lighting the first 25. Anyone know how to fix the balance?

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    Assuming that nothing has changed in your configuration, try the following.

    1) power off the controller
    2) remove power to the strings for at least 45 seconds
    3) restore power to the strings.
    4) wait 5-10 seconts
    5) start the controller
    6) start sending it data

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    If Jons suggestions don't work....
    Most likely the first dead light is the problem with the GECE technology.
    However, the problem can also be the last lit light in that it isn't passing the power or data signal along.
    You can also pop off the plastic cover and check to see if you can see a wire that is pulled off a circuit board pad to help find the culprit.
    Also, look for a cut wire. If that doesn't exist, then you will have to cut the bad pixel(light) out of the string and solder the remaining string back. Or you can replace the bad one with a spare if you have it.


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