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Thread: Boscoyo 46" Hanging Bulb face nodes

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    Default Boscoyo 46" Hanging Bulb face nodes

    My neighbor ended up ordering the 46" Boscoyo hanging bulb singing face. The model is available for download in lights but it doesn't have the node ranges for the singing face. Does anyone know the node ranges? The 30" one has the node ranges but the 46" has 27 more nodes and I am having a hard time figuring them out.

    EDIT: I think I figured them out
    They are as follows
    Face outline: 1-69
    AI: 102-131
    E: 102-111,143-156,132-133
    etc: 132-156
    FV: 132-156
    L: 102-131
    MBP: 111,143-156,132-133
    O: 154,157,159-170
    rest: 159-166
    U: 157,168-170,117-126
    WQ: 160-165,168-170
    Eyes Open: 70-82,84,86-98,100
    Eyes Closed: 71,7683-86,92,99101
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