Almost done with everything, having a few issues I need to work out.

The star on the roof flickers and gets dirty data at times, the LED layout is also incorrect and needs fixed. (this prop has worked fine the past 2 years, so I'm sure its something simple like a ground connection or otherwise)
The right half of the spiral trees don't light up at all (may need an FChannel amp to carry the data signal between the gap of Tree 3 to Tree 4)
"Fence line" channel 1,2 and 3 light up in the test, but not in the sequence. (I may have to revisit the channel mapping in Vixen)
Fence line channel 7 doesn't power on at all, this could be a bad extension cable.
The big tree and arches discolor when trying to use full white, this could be a power drop issue in the PSU. I have a second PSU I'm going to split the load between.
The star on the big tree flickers abit on red and white (possibly a power or ground issue)
The Tree Topper stars aren't mounted yet for the 2 strand trees. (I have to make a base to mount each on)
The walkway lights are not swapped over to the Christmas controllers yet.
The Meteor lights aren't wired up yet.
The Bells on the Garage are not lighting up.
The radio station LED grid isn't up yet.

All controllers (arduinos) sit at the edge of the garage, so the signal cables go pretty far, and I'm surprised... I've yet to use an FChannel Amp, but looking like I'll be testing my first one with the Spiral tree interconnection cable.
I'm currently running

6 Uno's at 921,600baud
5 Nano's at 115,200baud
1 Mega at 115,200baud - The Mega runs the Relay board for old school strands.