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Thread: Getting Crossover Data FPP & Espixelstick

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    Default Getting Crossover Data FPP & Espixelstick

    I just setup my controller box from last year for my minimal Halloween lights and I'm having some data crossover issues. I run FPP on a raspi3B year-round for my fish tank lighting with an ESPixelStick. I moved the Raspi to my show controller box and set eth0 to the static IP for my F16v3. Wlan0 is set for my home's wifi and my ESPixelStick is also on this same wifi network.

    For the fish lights, I run effects exported from Vixen. When I run an effect it works fine but when I stop the effect, the tank lights up green. I thought it could be a universe issue so I changed the fish lights to universe 15 (using 13 universes for F16 controller) and no change.

    The outside lights are all working fine. When I stop my playlist, the fish lights go off as well (assuming the fish lights effects are off as well).

    Here's my settings, not sure what I'm doing wrong?
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    Default Re: Getting Crossover Data FPP & Espixelstick

    First thing I saw was that the FPP used the same start channel for both of your outputs. "FPP Start Channel" is absolute numbering, not the universe start channel. (I fell victim of this one, not that long ago.) The rest look fine to me, but someone else might find something I don't see.

    With the order that you have the controllers, your start channel for the F16V3 would be 73. (Universe size for the fish tank being a "single short universe" at 72.)
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