HAS ANYONE SEEN SEQUENCE TIMING ISSUES in sequences IN WIN10 that did not exhibit these issues on Win7???

Details below.


I can't be sure - I have not performed a couple other more time-intensive tests - but I seem to be seeing some timing issues using Win10. I'm seeing it in my (rather beefy) sequencing workstation. For various reasons, I had to swap out the one HP Z820 workstation for another Z820. The issue? I can't get the sequenced songs to match the beat track. Or rather, a new song - Whether in (Elf) previewer or in actual Renard HW, light pulses of shorter duration 1) never appear, 2) appear delayed, or 3) appear early. The song is fairly well timed (the musicians didn't drift)

We did not have this issue in previous years (with the other sequencing box). And when I play a song from last year on the new box, I see the same issues now. But they were not there last year. I use 25ms timing and have had no issues in the past (except when trying to use ESP wifi..)

I have had (and this is not just another rant on Win10) serious issue LAGGING issue in Win10 earlier this year. I spent MANY hours and made NUMEROUS registry changes and disabled services, and such. At times when just using Chrome (yep, I know, it has performance issues, too) my system would become non-responsive. Yep, all 24 cores at 100% utilization. I believe I have managed to tame that problem (at least until MS forces another update on me ... Oops, no complaining. The biggest issues were related to MS Diagnostics and Telemetry [ie. reporting])

This year:
Win10 Pro
HP Z820 workstation
Dual Xeon 12 core 2.5GHz
500 GB SSD ( C: )
600 GB 15K SAS HDD ( D: )
Quadro 2000 Video card
Gigabit network

Last year:
HP Z820 workstation
Dual Xeon 16 core 2.6 ghz
500 GB HDD ( C: )
1 TB HDD ( D: )
Quadro 2000 Video card
Gigabit network

Both systems use Vixen 2.14. Yes, I know - old. But that's what I'm using. Remember, last year we had no such issues.

I have yet to resurrect the old Win7 installation on the new computer. I still have the Win7 hard drives, but I was seeing some mischief when I was trading the boot drives around too much, so I have not yet being willing to give it a try.

Fortunately, my show computer (WinXP !) is unchanged and I expect that show to run properly. I will just be unable to sequence new songs to our accustomed degree of accuracy.