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Thread: So much information! Hoping for a little direction on my project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeKrebs View Post
    Renard controllers are usually AC or DC - not pixel controllers. You use those with standard Christmas light strings. They are "low" channel count because they are switching mains electricity.

    Pixel controllers send data down a signal line and the pixel controller (WS2811 for example) at each LED reads the data, does what it tells it and passes the rest of the data down the line. When it sees no traffic for a period of time, it changes the LED to match what it received. The tech is totally different from switching a mains powered string of lights.

    A PI with a decent hat will drive pixels and will work great for you. And it puts you into position for sequencing to music someday.
    Ok, thanks. I'm looking at the Falcon PiCap and it appears to support two universes or two strings of 800 of WSs2811 pixels. I will have around 2,000 pixels. Would there be a way to daisy chain Hats/Caps so I can control all 2,000 without multiple PIs? I'll likely have to add a second power supply for power injection if not more due to distance. Hm, looks like it is 5v so need to continue looking maybe. From what I'm reading it looks like I'll need a separate controller board with more capability.
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