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Thread: So much information! Hoping for a little direction on my project.

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    Default So much information! Hoping for a little direction on my project.

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new and need a helping hand to point me in the right direction. I've been reading and there is so much information I am having trouble figuring out where I need to start and what I can maybe ignore for the moment as I work towards a design. I'm looking for some focus and hoping you can provide a little to get me started. I have experience with computer programming, soldering/electronics, home electrical, welding, woodworking etc... DIY is kind of my life.

    My project is a house outline, well just the roof line. I am hoping to use 8-12mm node pixels for individual pixel color control for static lighting display at Halloween and Christmas. I am considering mounting the pixels to aluminum extrusion just under the fascia boards (protected from weather) keeping the bulb portion visible but hiding everything else. The ability to chase, blink, fade, or produce other patterns is of interest as well but my main goal is permanent lighting that is mostly invisible during off season and the ability to change the light colors as desired for different holidays. I have about 500 feet of roof line in total with maybe 100 feet that is optional as it isn't terribly visible from the street. Once I have an idea where to start for materials and complexity I'll get my design started with the roof line.

    Is there a thread where someone has tackled a project such as this? I'm reading between work and chores but am finding a ton of information that is a bit overwhelming and I need to ground myself a bit so I can find a place to start. The Wiki and starting guides are great as well but also, a lot of info all at once.

    Once I start my project I'll likely create a thread where I can share my experiences and design step by step. I enjoy sharing what I have learned.

    Thanks! I'm searching and reading, I swear!

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