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Thread: Should I ground-bond my 24VDC negative?

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    Default Should I ground-bond my 24VDC negative?

    I am putting in centrally distributed 24VDC that will go out to all of my yard-based controllers and gets downconverted to 5VDC via buck-converters.

    I have a 24V 120A isolated transformer, which then goes into a 24V breaker panel for distribution on the + side of things.

    On the negative side I'm using a single bus bar, which I can use as either isolated or ground bonded.

    What are the pros/cons of ground-bonding the negative DC at this point?

    There things are all wired into a server rack together with other equipment and it would be incredibly easy for someone to accidentally short the 24V negative bus bar to the server rack chassis (which is indeed ground bonded) while messing around in there. So I was wondering whether to just go ahead and ground-bond the bus bar to start off with.
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    Default Re: Should I ground-bond my 24VDC negative?

    I do not bond my DC
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