I'm fairly new to this hobby. Although I've been doing the lights for about 3 years now, I've finally got to a point to sequence the lights w/ music. With that said, I only have 2 songs, maybe 3, that will be ready for this year. I have a Pi 3B+ with a usb sound dongle going to an FM transmitter that has its own volume control. I've noticed that the Falcon Player volume control does NOT work with a usb sound dongle (that's another issue).

During the sequences w/ music playing, everything is perfect. Nice, clean music transmitted to the radio. I would like to play the music sequences every 15 min and just generic animated light sequences (no music) in between "shows". It's during the "in between" time, when the Pi is not putting out any music, the radio just picks up a buzz with a fast high pitched chirping sound. Now, I've used Audacity to make a 30sec silence track. Playing that, the buzzing/chirping goes away. It's only when the Pi is NOT putting out any sound. Does anyone have a solution to this or has anyone had a similar problem?