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Thread: My 1st Attempt: "The Santa Project"

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    Default My 1st Attempt: "The Santa Project"

    Disclaimer: I am terribly inexperienced at building things and working with my hands on projects like these. There is a lot I could've done better, but this was a great learning experience.

    I had an idea to attach the shaft of a small motor like this one to a sprocket like this one. The motor is only 5 RPM but at $15 and me being a rookie I figured it was a good place to start.

    Here is a vid of the motor shaft turning the sprocket. So far so good.

    My plan was to use this motor/sprocket to power a chain that would have Santa & his reindeer "fly" from right to left a the top of a scene, and then disappear behind houses & mountains at the bottom of the scene as it returned from left to right.

    Once I made my "box", I put the motor/sprocket, chain, and "pivot points" into place:

    After that I just did the scenery, added some fake snow from Michael's Crafts blown around by a (too large and noisy but nevertheless effective) fan only partially hidden by the scenery.

    Here was the final result: LINK

    2 biggest problems I had with it: Santa moves way too slowly (the 5 RPM motor was the mistake there), and even though I tried to waterproof it, water still got in after heavy rains.

    On the positive side, I learned a lot and the kids thought it was the greatest thing!

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    Default Re: My 1st Attempt: "The Santa Project"

    I like the final version, looks really nice. Especially the snow part of it

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    Default Re: My 1st Attempt: "The Santa Project"

    Looks great!

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