I have been running my controller on my ground level behind my megatree in the past. My space is very vertical (see picture with proposed layout this season). As such, I have to run cables from the bottom to all the 2nd floor or higher props to connect the controller. This season, I'm also trying to add some stuff even above the second floor (TBD just how far), so I'm picturing trying to run all these and keep them hidden or at least not an eyesore, as my viewers are somewhat close. I had done it this way before, because the majority of my props/strings were on the bottom level. But a thought crossed my mind....What about running the controller from my second floor deck so it's more centralize?. This would however mean that instead of connecting my 16 megatree legs to the controller at the bottom with short-ish cables, I would either have to have the controller connections/start of the string going from the top down, then zig zagging back up, or have to run 8 cables down from the controller to the bottom of the tree. These are all 5v pixels i'm working with, so injection and voltage drop is a factor. Wondering if this is a good idea to run the zig zag top ->bottom->bottom->top? My only concern is with the transition between strings. It's find when the fold is at the top, because they are so close together, but the larger distance at the bottom of the tree may not be ideal. Thoughts?