I have a couple of sequences with sections where I am using a wipe effect on a group that contains all the elements in the preview. However, I've come across a few sections where I need to achieve the same thing, but excluding one prop or a group of elements. For example, a burst wipe from center that affects everything EXCEPT for the 8 mini trees. This is because in that situation, the mini trees are playing the bass line from the song, and the wipe ruins it. Is there any way to achieve this other than having to create a whole new group with all the elements except for the minitrees? I've done this in the past for other situations, and now I have an almost too large element list of groups making it disorganized and hard to track which song was using what etc.... I had tried to use layers with something like the mask and fill, but because only a few of the mini trees in the group are activated at once, the wipe still affects the mini trees not currently lit with the sequence. I had also thought about adding an intensity layer to the mini trees group set to zero, thinking maybe that would block the wipe, and then placing my mini tree effects on top of that, but unless I did it wrong, that did not work either.