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Thread: NEED ADVICE Xmas Light Legal Battle

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    Luckily my neighborhood has a light competition each year and I also don’t use external speakers but maybe get a jump ahead and start an attendance log or participation log or even a local sign in sheet of , those opposed to keeping show or for keeping show . Wouldn’t hurt to have some data
    Another thing I’ve seen is noise deflectors channel the music to a specific direction with piping or small walls . I’ve built similar for generators near to homes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruppro View Post
    Sounds like maybe she is teaching an online course so her mic is picking up the sounds from the show and that is what her students are hearing in the background.
    Needs a better MIC system - I know they make them - noise cancelling with voice filters and limited range. Some have audio compressors so a whisper sounds like full volume - if this is the case, some use of pro-audio improvements would be key.

    My take on this is it disturbs her job. One of the pitfalls of "working from home". My daughter has a 5 year old and works from home - needless to say, there are occasional INTERRUPTIONS - LOL!

    I would try to find out exactly what is going on and do research for a solution - that is just me.

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