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    Default String setup

    So my mini- trees are not working correctly unless on the controller I set up zig zag. Is there an easy way to solve this problem without manually reversing the patch direction on every other strands elements? The tree is one string long of a total of 160 pixels using 8 strands or 20 pixels each.

    If reversing is the only option is it better to reverse the element side or the patch to the controller side and why?

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    Default Re: String setup

    There are a few ways to solve this problem. The first recommendation is to use zig-zag on your controller if it supports it. (What controller are you using?)
    The second option is to use the reverse element order option. This is done the easiest by patching the entire tree "normally" then select the odd strings and unpatch them. Then repatch them individually using the reverse element order option.
    The third option is to use the Patching Order option property from the element list. (I don't think this option is the easiest with it's current implementation)
    The forth option is to reverse the strings in the element tree. You can do this by selecting the pixels in the string you want to reverse and then right click and select reverse elements. (I haven't tested this option personally but I think it should work)

    In regard to your question about element side or controller side: You'll almost always want to use the reverse element option and NOT the reverse order of selected outputs option. The reason for this is that reversing the order of outputs will mess up your RGB color order.


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