Hi thank you for these replies .

I will extend on what I have running off this Wemos and somewhat of how it is configured .

3 servos , 12 pixels , 1 x 5v relay , mp3 player and 1x GF1002 mini amplifier .

Libraries used with BarnabyBear's RGB e1.31 sketch
Servo . h

In the loop {

num_channels = e131.parsePacket(); // to be able to configure single channels

Further into the loop

if(e131.universe == 1) // to give pixel level control
for(n = 0; n < (NUM_PIXELS_A.............

This issue is so darn random .

I am going to start assembly of all the parts regardless of this 1 flaw.
Hoping that hard wiring all the pieces will negate possible weak links that could be the fault .
Being that it is only for a 1 night Halloween show , this small issue can be tolerated and hopefully remedied in the future .

I know that I am pushing the little esp8266 into some new areas with this prop and it could never have been achieved without the help of the great folks from this community.

Again I would like to say thanks to BarnabyBear- UK and Joe Hinkle for really helping me understand and get this together .