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Thread: change strings in a mega tree

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    Default change strings in a mega tree

    I originally had 8 strings in my small mega tree but I have enough pixels to do 16. I cannot see where I can keep the same tree and just add strings so I created a new one with 16 thinking I could copy over the sequence, which is all done. The pixels are configured for 3 channels each. WHen I copy an effect the box is blank (clear) so none of the colors etc work. Is there a way to either increase the size of a already created tree or is there a way to copy effects from an 8 to 16 string that works? New effects work fine. Thanks

    edit It looks like only the Wipe function doesn't work. The other seem to work fine .....
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    Default Re: change strings in a mega tree

    You can create a new tree as you did and copy the effects over which is probably the fastest way. You can copy the entire rows that have effects on them. Any copied effects should work as long as the new tree is configured the same as the other one as far as color handling goes. You might need to make some adjustments because of the extra strings but that should be minor. If they don't then that suggests something might be off with the color handling.

    You can also add new strings into the existing by using the add multiple which will create a group with x number of items in it that you specify. You can use the naming pattern to match what you already have. You will do that for each new string you need to add, then you can copy them into the existing tree. You will need to configure the color handling and dimming curve if needed for those additional ones.

    Post some images of your setup if you still can't get it to work.


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