So, this isn't a post asking how to power inject, but rather, seeking feedback from your collective experiences from a design and appearance viewpoint. Up front, I already have all 5v ws2811 bullets and power supplies for stock, so at least for this year, I'm not going to switch to 12v unless necessary. I already did a display last year with 5v pixels, and discovered all the extra power injection work and considerations involved. But it worked where I used them, because a mega tree with mounting strips, I can power inject behind the strips so it's not ugly. Mini trees, injection points more visible, but not too many, so it looks ok. This year, I'm also doing 4 windows (4' x 30" ea), 2 door frames, and I was planning on running a line on the face of my roof peak, which then follows the trim and then goes down to ground outlining the house corner. Easier to visualize, I'll attach a pic. I'll be running 3" spacing, so would certainly need Injection. With these clean outlines, it would look like crap to have a bunch of extra wires randomly cutting across the siding to connect on the windows and doors, but it's the gable and trim that concerns me more. It's quite high, not a great work area, and I'm not entirely sure how to avoid it being an eyesore but also placement of power source and cable runs.... Any suggestions? Of course 12v would allow longer runs without injection, but all my stock is currently 5v. See below