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Thread: Unmapped effects confusion

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    Default Unmapped effects confusion

    New(er) feature I believe, but when I tried to open a sequence where nothing had changed since I last ran it last winter, after converting the sequence for new version dialog, getting "the sequence has effects that belong to elements not known to this profile. would you like to map them to existing elements?" Well that description is pretty straightforward, except literally nothing has changed with the elements or sequence. Don't know if possibly that was a result of the conversion? That was more of a head scratcher than a problem. The issue is that if I say yes to map them to existing elements, the screen that opens just says Unknown name in one column. No idea whatsoever which element it's talking about, what it looks like etc

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    Default Re: Unmapped effects confusion

    There is some effect there that the element it was mapped to is no longer there. Normally in the past it would just be silently dropped. Mapping old ones will not be very easy because the names of the elements were not available. From that build further the names are saved with the sequence which would help you map them in the future.

    In this case you could add a dummy element into the setup and then open it again and just map it to that to see what it was.


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