So I fired up my back up PC few days ago, to see if I had ever installed Vixen on it, I orginally got that PC last year when i thought my Every day use PC was dieing on me but after i got the new one I got the reg one working again.. Anyhow Vixen is on it, but i had never linked anything to it or set up nothing.
i went into the set up and picked DMX Open and linked each channel to the channels of my items i want to light up. example im working on Halloween now will have 5 trees in green and orange on left side, and 5 on right side along with my talking/singing pumpkin and Skull.
so i patched channel one on controller side to left tree #1 and so on but nothing was happening.
I pluged in the USB cable to the adapator to the PC i heard the PC make a nose to reconise it but nothing came up to install should it had? its been over 2 years since i set it all up on my old PC.

I get a red blinking light on the CBT16 box.

i cant even figure out how i had downloaded the LOR hardware manger thing on my old pc i searched all over the net to download to the newer pc and never could find where to download it. No clue where i have it saved on my external drives. I don't keep alpications like that on my PC. ts got a small hard-drive.,

Hope someone can help me out. Im getting out of the decoration mood cause i cant seem to get anything to work, its bad enough i have to re seqence all my songs from my vixen crashing on my reg computer.