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Thread: How to interface my DMX devices (RC4 wirless) to Vixen

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    Default How to interface my DMX devices (RC4 wirless) to Vixen

    Hello friends,

    New to the Vixen, though I've been shadowing and reading here for years on my rare off time. I am using Vixen 3.6. I would like to control my wireless DMX hardware using Vixen if possible. I have an Enttec Dmxusb Pro dongle that I am using to go from USB to a DMX transciever (RC4 series 3 sx) which then is suppose to control a wireless 4 LED dimming module (RC4 4dim). If I where to use a normal DMX slider board I would assign one slider on the board to one of four control circuits on the wireless module by simply sliding one slide up and pressing one of four buttons(corresponding to particular circuits) on the module which should assign that slide to that particular circuit.

    Any suggestions as to how I might achieve this in Vixen?

    I've downloaded the appropriate drivers and firmware for the enttec DMX-USB device and created a new sequence with 4 single item elements patched to 4 output channels under the DMX open controler. The actual sequence I created is 8seconds of "level set" set at 100 for each element occurring one after another in the timeline. I suppose the idea was that if Vixen was sending out a DMX signal for those 8 seconds for a particular element I could assign a circuit on the wireless module using using aforementioned button method. No luck as of yet.

    I have included my attempted Vixen sequence program.

    Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree trying to use vixen for this and should be using an alternate program? I like the music interface in Vixen for its apparent ease of use in making sequenced shows to music so I'm hopeful there is a way.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
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    Default Re: How to interface my DMX devices (RC4 wirless) to Vixen

    The USB-DMX device should show up as a COM port on your PC (Device Manager => Ports COM & LPT). So in Display Setup you would need to add either a DMX-Open or DMX-Pro controller (I think the DMX-Open is the preferred choice), w/ 4 channels and assign it to the serial port for the USB device, and set the appropriate baud rate settings. Then you will need to patch the 4 devices to the 4 channels of the controller.

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    Default Re: How to interface my DMX devices (RC4 wirless) to Vixen

    Vixen will work fine for generating display data. It gets a bit tricky with your channel setup. It sounds like you have an existing mechanism for configuring the DMX Device chain. I would continue to use that mechanism to set things up. This explanation assumes there is a way for you to define which DMX channel you are assigning the control device to.

    On Vixen you create a USB Serial port DMX controller (NOT generic serial). Since you mentioned that you have the DMX Pro adapter then you set up this controller to use the DMX Pro mode of operation.

    Then you will need to define a relationship like this:

    DmxChannelNumber == OutputDeviceId::OutputDevicePort (This is done in your existing DMX configuration environment).

    Once you have that relationship set up, you create a patching map on vixen:


    After that you should be good to go.

    If you do want to use vixen to set up your output devices (as opposed to just driving them), then someone who understands how that works will have to chime in here.

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