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Thread: Mystery flicker on channels without effects

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    Default Mystery flicker on channels without effects

    In several of my sequences I have flickers on and off at various points in the sequence. It is always at the same time and channel but there is no effect in the sequencer at that time on that channel. I have tried selecting at the period in question and hitting delete. I also tried adding an effect for the time in question and saving, deleting the credit and saving again. Annoyingly, it does not show up in the preview, just when outputted to the controllers. Anyone have a similar issue?

    I have considered resequencing from scratch but that would be so much work since a bulk copy paste seems to bring the error with it. Love any suggestions to help. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Mystery flicker on channels without effects

    Does it affect the same outputs on all sequences, or is it random. Does a new empty sequence have similar flickers?

    You can attach a dropbox style link to the zipped up profile to a ticket at Indicate which sequence, times and outputs that experience the issue and I can take a look at it to see what the output data looks like.


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