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Thread: zip wizard update

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    Default zip wizard update

    I would love to see a cleaner zip wizard.
    What I mean by that, is as a fairly dopey user, I have stumbled through this process on many occasions trying to move my profile from one computer to another (so others in my family can sequence)
    But every year I have added more and need to do the process again.
    I end up spending all my time researching trying to work out what I actually need to zip and move and what i don't.
    A simple structure of what is required, or at the very least a hover instruction on each part saying if it is required or is just for backup or fault finding or whatever.
    Also when I go to the web site to look for the information, there is a section on profiles, but at the end it says
    Lastly at the bottom is a link to the profile zip wizard where you can create a zip copy of your profile for sharing or backup. See the section on the Zip Wizard for more details.
    but there is no zip wizard section!
    we see more and more people go to xlights, and that is fine, but I believe a lot has to do with the help that is available and it gets exponentially more.
    If some of these basic things, that a lot of the smarter people take for granted, were made a little easier and better explained there may be more retention in Vixen.

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    Default Re: zip wizard update

    I added the missing documentation section and link for that feature. Hopefully that provides some guidance for you. Feel free to ask further questions if there are still gaps there.

    We have been updating some of the documentation and creating some new videos on the YouTube channel trying to provide more of that. Documentation takes a lot of time and unfortunately comes second to coding for most of the developers. If you find areas that need additional support, I am glad to try and fill in those gaps. Would love to have someone that was willing to volunteer to work on the documentation side of things, but so far that has not materialized.


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