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Thread: Pixelpops/stick wifi module question (esp8266 esp-01)

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    Default Pixelpops/stick wifi module question (esp8266 esp-01)

    Just starting to brainstorm for this year's display during the end of my "off season"/break. One of the things I had been interested in looking into, was using/building some pixelpops/espixelsticks. Now I've found some of the resources about the BOM and build instructions, so I have a rough idea. But one thing keeps returning to me about the wifi modules used (I believe ESP8266 ESP-01), and I can't recall the specifics. I seem to remember reading something about a problem with some of these depending on the source. As in, you could get the same part number from two different sources, and one would be fine, and the other unusable. Maybe something about how you couldn't program one kind properly? Either way, I'm trying to figure out how to tell which modules are ok for this purpose, or what makes some of them unuseable. I found a listing here for example, and trying to figure out if these would be fine
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