As an open source software developer, I am a proponent of the open source movement. Because of this, I wanted to develop an open source pixel controller. The FPP PB16 Pixel Controller is the design I came up with. My intent is for the controller to be DIY build it yourself style and it should be easy to hand solder for most people. If you would like to build the controller, you have to get a PCB made (I recommend using the '' file. You then have to order all the parts (minus the PCB) from digikey and Amazon. A full list of bill of materials (PB16_Bom.ods), is included in the github. I made 3D printable CG1500 mounts and included a link below. I have a couple blank PCB's if anyone is interest. If anyone has any feature request and/or design improvements, please let me know.

I have uploaded all the design files to github and created a basic manual and assembly guide.

Powered by FPP Falcon Player
PocketBeagle based
16 3-Wire pixel ports
700 pixel per output at 40 FPS or 1400 at 20 FPS
2 DMX serial outputs
USB port for ethernet, WIFI, or audio
OLED display
Adafruit real time clock header connector
2 pin GPIO header for push button or relay support
5v - 24v Vin support
Expansion header for additional 16 pixel outputs


Digikey BOM:

CG1500 Mounts: