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Thread: Corro Mini Light questions

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    Default Corro Mini Light questions

    What do you all use to punch holes in your corro and what is the best method for installing mini lights in corro?

    I am planning to use black sheets of corro within a wooden frame to create a life sized light up singing Chewbacca. I figure I will build out a 7 foot tall rectangle box with corro stapled to the frame and enclose the back to keep extra lights used for the mouths from bleeding. What am I missing and what issues am I not anticipating?

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    That is exactly how I made my Singing Snowman, worked great. I just used an old soldering iron, just a cheap pencil one. The tip is the perfect size for minilights. Just make sure you are in a well ventilated area while you are making the holes.


    Guess the only issue I had was where to store my 2 4'x7' props
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