I am brand new to the scene. I have a total of 1279 RGB pixels around the perimeter of my roof. These are spread across 8 controllers of various run lengths (longest is 195 pixels). I was planning on treating all of these as a single element within Vixen. When attempting to add more than 1000 pixels (3000 patch points), it limits me to the aforementioned values. I've found a post indicating that usually means I'm doing something wrong, which I am totally assuming to be the case. I was wondering what might be the best approach as far as mapping controllers to these elements would be? I was considering breaking them up into either 2 groups, or 4 groups, however it seems like it might be painful to map effects to multiple elements to make them appear seamless. For example, if I want to do a chase around the house, will I need to map effects on each segment that align end to end? Obviously if the effect is more complex, I would somehow need to match the "end" of the effect with the "start" of the new effect on the next string which seems cumbersome. Any advice would be wonderful.