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    Default Pixel dimming

    Hi Everyone,
    Whats the best way to lower the intensity on my pixels as a whole. My display is close to the sidewalk and street, less than 20 feet, so I think I can and should turn the intensity down. I'm using xlights for sequencing, Rpi with FPP to run the show and several different controllers for the show including ESPixel sticks, e682, e6804 and Pixlite 16 lr's. I haven't got my Pi up to test on it to see if it's possible yet.
    Any input is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Pixel dimming

    Should be able to just set the intensity for each prop in xlights. I can't say where exactly as I use Vixen

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    Default Re: Pixel dimming

    You can set the max brightness for each model in xlights. In the settings for each model, brightness can be defined in the dimming curves settings. If I remember correctly, 0 is max brightness (100%) and so if you wanted to run at 40% brightness you would need to use a value of -60. While you are in there go ahead and setup dimming curves so your colors look correct at all dimming states. A gama value of 2.2 is a good starting point.

    You should also be able to adjust max brightness on your controllers. Each controller does it abit differently and usually they let you change the max brightness of each output. If you have one prop per output this works fine, but if you have multiple props per output that need different max brightness this might not work so well.

    FPP will also let you change max brightness. Under Output Processors you can add a brightness setting and define max brightness for groups of channels.

    There is no right or wrong way to do it. Do whatever way fits your workflow best.


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