SO a couple years back i attempted to create a better RGB amp, one that was not disposable. All the ones on the market all use small surface mount parts, if something happens, its a pain to replace a part so your best to just throw it away. I want an AMP that can be repaired, and quit frankly will hold up better. Being on the shelf thanks to a bog boo boo, i have had time to go back to this and gain a little more understanding of how they work. I came up with a design, hoping the smarter people can look at it and fill in any blanks. The Optocouplers are a PC817. Using a 60v 10a mosfet. I am hoping someone can help me figure out the PCB as well so I can get some ordered for testing.Hoping to make this a slim design so it will fit into a PVC tube.

RGB Amp.jpg