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Thread: Renard SS8, PIC Programmer, RenardESP, Spare Parts

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    Default *SOLD* Renard SS8, PIC Programmer, RenardESP, Spare Parts

    Items have been sold

    $60 Shipped in Continental US. Read description carefully.

    Cleaning out some old hardware. I have an old Renard SS8 that I was last playing with as a test bed with a RenardESP.

    The SS8 is missing one of the PIC chips as that was removed for the RenardESP input. Can't find the chip (Update: I found the chip and is included). Also, I do believe one of the channels is non-functional, likely a bad MOC3023 (multiple are included with the spare parts).

    Also included are two RenardESP ( without the ESP. One has the correct LM117T regulator, the other has an incorrect 317 regulator (would need to be replaced, part included in spares).

    Included is a PIC K150 programmer.

    Spare parts are:
    Qty. Part # Descripttion Ref
    1 ACH-18.432-EK Crystal Clock Oscillator, 18.432 MHz U3
    13 MOC3023 Optoisolator, Triac Driver M1-M8
    9 BTA08-600CWRG Triac, 6A 600V T1-T8
    2 GMA-10a Fuse, Fast Acting 10A F1
    1 534-3527C Cover, Fuse
    1 WP710A10IT LED, 3mm Red FE, OE
    1 WP710A10GT LED, 3mm Green PWR, HB, ZC, SD
    21 SX1100-B Shunt
    2 IL410 Optoisolator, Triac Driver (Alt to MOC3023) M1-M8
    5 680-RC Resistor, Carbon Film 680 ohms R6, R10-R17
    5 180-RC Resistor, Carbon Film 180 ohms R18 R25
    4 117T Renard ESP Regulator

    Sold as-is. Please ask questions.ss8.jpg
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