In case anyone is interested, A couple years ago, while searching for the best way to monitor energy consumption for my mining rigs, I came across a person on github who reverse engineered the I2C protocol used by the DPS-1200FB and similar power supplies. You can manually control some features of them such as fan speed and remotely power it on and off by switching pins 33 and 36. You can read fan speed, input and output amps, input and output voltage, output watts, intake and internal temperatures along with a few others.

Here's the link to the github project

What I did was I took a mining breakout board and soldered wires to pins 30,31,32. I then connected them to GND, SCL and SDA on a raspberry pi. From there you run the python code per the instructions.

I haven't yet tried this using an ESP8266 running MicroPython. I may give it a try later in the year.