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Thread: Free Sequencing Helping Software

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    Default Free Sequencing Helping Software

    I ran across this software package today and thought it would be a helper in my sequencing. The software is called "Touch Portal" and can be found at It's an additional set of keys that can be programmed to do almost anything you want. It's a set of macros or operations you can control. The cool part is that once you create the keys they are sent to an app on your phone or tablet. This makes the keys available to use while you are working on you computer. A set of extras. Example, I sequence with Vixen. So I created a "Copy", "Paste", "Play", "Stop", "Align Start", "Align End", "Align Both" and "Delete". Almost all of these are combo key strokes. Now, all are available on my phone as single button taps. They sit next to my keyboard and work with the software. This is an easy way to take your often used multi-key stroke commands and use them as single buttons. The software and app are FREE. But even upgrading to the Full version is less than $10.00. Might want to check this out.

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