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$20 Sequences:
Twas the Night Before Christmas_Family Force Includes lyric tracks: https://www.xtremesequences.com/stor..._family-force/
My House: https://www.xtremesequences.com/stor...t/37-my-house/
Let It Go Dance Mix: https://www.xtremesequences.com/stor...-go-dance-mix/
Human: https://www.xtremesequences.com/store/product/29-human/
Despacito: https://www.xtremesequences.com/stor.../17-despacito/
Snoop Winter Wonderland Here Comes Santa Claus: https://www.xtremesequences.com/stor...s-santa-claus/

This is a shortened version of the song so only 1:20.