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Thread: Arduino + Vixen 3.5 - does not blink TX and RX

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    Default Arduino + Vixen 3.5 - does not blink TX and RX

    After 2 years I came back to the project. I connected my prototype to the computer, it worked for a while, until it stopped communicating, does not blink TX and RX. To restore it, I re-write the code and restart the computer, then it works for some time. For me it is frustrating.

    On another computer I installed the latest version of Arduino and Vixen 3.5. It has also been working for a while and I have not been able to communicate Arduino and Vixen so far.

    Does anyone have a current and tested source code?
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    Default Re: Arduino + Vixen 3.5 - does not blink TX and RX

    this code should work for you. You just have to do a little configuration for the number of channels.

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