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Thread: What have I got myself into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilmar View Post
    First off thanks
    I Found a set of simple videos easy to understand with step by step instructions and said to myself I can do that ... that was in October 2018 within a few weeks I managed to build a set up with 2 arduino Mega ,capable of 96 channels but only ran 32 synced to music using vixen 3 with only on-off action and 2 singing trees all led lights from Walmart with Fm transmitter set up with 5 songs and surprisingly got 2nd place in neighborhood contest. All with no experience and limited time... (thank you amazon prime for 2 day shipping).
    Looking to get help here to get upgraded or to add individual addressed LED and wireless. 2811s Iím thinking.
    So far seems the most expensive purchase Iíve made is for the one million extension cords Iíve had to buy .
    Heaven help me as I am hooked, and have been working on 2019 since February . All and any help greatly appreciated as I am not allowed to talk Christmas out loud in my home till thanksgiving so I just stay in the garage. Again I say thanks

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    Welcome to the madness. Feel free to talk Christmas here anytime you want, we don't judge.

    You will find the more you move towards pixels the fewer extension cords you will need, you will need things like speaker wire and waterproof connectors are more commonly used. It's always something...

    BTW I started thinking about and planning my 2019 show as soon as 2018 was up and running correctly (a process that takes a week or so to get where I am happy). I like to have my plan for next year ready for the various Pre-Sales that happen the beginning of every year!
    2012 - 1st year 64 Channels - 7500 LED lights - 5 sequences
    2013 - 128 Channels - 10,000 LED lights - 7 sequences (2 New)
    2014 - 201 Channels - upgrading 8 Arches to dumb RGB - 8+ sequences (1+ New)
    2015 - 240 Channels + 8 Universes - sequences TBD
    2016 - No Display
    2017 - Back in the Game - 240 Renard Channels + 12 Universes
    2018 - 256 Renard and 9 Falcon Outputs of Pixels - 16 sequences shown over 2 nights

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    Default Re: What have I got myself into?

    Quote Originally Posted by MartinMueller2003 View Post
    My wife keeps telling me we need to build a shed with lots of room, heat, AC. I think the next accessory will be a bed and sink.
    For your own "safety", make sure you put in the infrastructure to at least hold a good hammock.
    Live, Laugh, Love.

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