I have two SS24s I picked up used. I want to try using them via WiFi with something like sporadic's ESPixelStick + RS485 / DMX Hack (found on the other site). The questions I have are on powering the ESPixelStick and RS485 adapter circuit from the SS24s 5V supply. Looking around the Web it looks like the ESP-01 can draw and average of 100 to 200 mA with spikes up to 500 mA during WiFi transmissions.

1) Is the SS24 5V supply beefy enough to handle this extra load? The data sheet says the 5V regulator handles up to 1.5A but I don't know how much is used by the SS24 board.

2) On the SS24 schematic, pins 7 & 8 of the two RJ45 connectors (J1 & J2) are just tied together but don't appear to go to anything else on the board. If I wanted to provide 5V, GND to and data from the ESPixelStick + RS485 / DMX Hack via the J2 input connector, could I jumper 5V to J2-7&8 and use that pair to power the ESPixelStick? The cable will be very short and I will not be daisy chaining other controllers downstream via the J1 connector. It will be left unused.

Any issues in doing this? Thanks!