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Thread: new to christmas lights show Issue with vixen 3

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    Default new to christmas lights show Issue with vixen 3

    I have been looking everywhere and trying to do this on my own...getting flustrated
    Vixen 3 sequences Help needed I got music put in the beats and then trying to figure out do i turn on lights to group or to each string
    I have 3 renards plus 32 channel controllers 2 16 channel relays and 8 4 channel relays and getting more soon
    each channel is a string of 100 mini bulb christmas lights
    I set up my groupings as follows
    1 MegaTree 32 channels
    Etc. to 32 channels
    8 Mini Trees 32 channels
    Ect. to 32 channels

    so i reached out to somebody yesterday and was told i'm going at it wrong so i'm asking for help there and any advice i can get...other then don't do it.....

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    Default Re: new to christmas lights show Issue with vixen 3

    do you have teamviewer? if so I can connect with you and check out what you have setup and help you out with it
    James WinterHaven Fl

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    Default Re: new to christmas lights show Issue with vixen 3

    not seeing anything bad with those groupings. You can apply an effect at the element or group level depending on how you want things to look. Keep in mind that you need to apply effects using exactly the same colors as you defined for the individual elements. (I assume you set up the color handling) to individual colors. With that said, you can only use the colors your strings support in the effects. Applying purple to a group that has red and green strings will NOT get you any light etc.

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    Default Re: new to christmas lights show Issue with vixen 3

    The problem with the groupings was that there's separate elements for each color when it's really the same thing. We really don't have enough information to know for sure. But there's clues in there that suggest the wrong approach. First, you've told us all about your controllers, but nothing about your props. Controllers are irrelevant to element setup. What the props are, and how the lights are arranged on them is what you need to know to set up elements.

    Those minitree and megatree elements should probably be "multiple independent color" elements. Instead of:

    You should have just


    The colors are configured using the color handling wizard in display setup. In this case, you'd set up each minitree as "multiple independent colors". You'd use RGBW as the color set.
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