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Thread: need help with multiple outputs

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    Default need help with multiple outputs

    hi all!

    i have a problem and hope some of you can help me out.

    as a prop i made 3 antennas and attached 2 meters of ws2811 ledstrip to each. (so total 6 meters of strip, 60 pixels)

    as a controller i use a wemos d1 (esp8266 with e1.31 firmware. and fitted with a logic level shifter.

    so far so good.

    one strip is running fine, no problem at all.

    when i attach a wire to the last signal out. (top first antenna) and connect to second signal in(bottom second antenna) . it start glitching all over the place. (yes each strip has a 1000uf capacitor an resistor)
    tried the dirty way, so flipped the second antenna and made a bridge from one antenna to the second, the signal wire has to travel only about 50cm.

    this was way better but still randomly flashing, especially when a lot of leds are turned on.
    so a long the way there must be a lot of interference or the data is degrading fast.

    so here is my question.
    each of my props has a controller attached and only one data wire is used.
    is it somehow possible to split the data over multiple outputs.

    for example

    pixel 1-20 goes to pin 1
    pixel 2-40 goes to pin 2
    pixel 40-60 goes to pin 3

    this way it uses three, two meter strips instead of one six meter strip with extension wire between the data lines

    this is my actual code.

    with kind regards
    Robbert Lievens

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    Default Re: need help with multiple outputs

    The code that outputs the data is using the built in UARTs instead of bit banging the data. This makes the output much more reliable. People have used the ESP8266 to drive over 600 pixels so the issue is not on the controllers ability to create the signal you want. I suspect the voltage at your last pixel on your first antenna has dropped a bit. That makes it difficult for that last pixel to generate a clean signal. I would do two things:

    Add power injection at the top of your antenna.

    If that is not enough then add a buffer driver at the base of antenna 1. I assume you are putting lights on the antennas of a large truck so the distance across the truck may be giving you an issue.

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    Default Re: need help with multiple outputs

    Ok thanks. I will try today


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