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I already have a Renard 32+ using DirkCheap SSRs with VO2223's but I have been unhappy with it. Dims and fades are very choppy and uneven. I suspect the PIC controller doesn't have the oomph to drive all the channels in a timely manner. I even went to great trouble to thoroughly test the zero-crossing detector.
I did find this Chinese one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32887621624.html 12 channels for 50 bucks, 5A per channel, thinking of ordering one to try. It uses an STM32F4 processor.
This can happen if your sequencing interval is too long, too. For example, if the updating is set at 60ms or greater it will look choppy -- the larger the interval, the choppier it will appear. If the interval is 50ms or less you should be okay -- that equates to 20 updates per second (essentially 20 frames per second -- very close to the framerate for shooting movies).

Also, if you're not using the right firmware for that big pic that's on the 32+ it can result in curious results.